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Tumblr Playlist - How to Make Music Playlist for Tumblr

Tumblr Playlist - How to Make Music Playlist for Tumblr

Using WikPlayer and SCM Player, I will Show you to make and add playlist on Tumblr blog. YouTube is the best to upload your songs or videos Tumblr Playlist.

How to Make a Playlist for Tumblr

In today’s session, We will learn how to create a playlist for Tumblr blog using either WikPlayer or SCM Music Player. However, I would recommend WikPlayer because of more customizable skins rather than SCM Player.

Tumblr Playlist

Our trick will be, First of all, We will choose YouTube Videos to put in our music playlist or if there is no videos which we want to put in our playlist, We simply upload it on YouTube to use in our playlist.

Tumblr Playlist

So get ready and Follow my steps…

  1. Go to YouTube video website and search for your favorite songs or video to add in our playlist.
  2. Suppose you have search a YouTube video and you want to add it in your WikPlayer Tumblr Playlist, Just copy it’s URL just like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6heUdRr-E in which MK6heUdRr-E is a id of a YouTube video which is very important. You must use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6heUdRr-E whole video address in your music playlist.
  3. If there is no songs in a YouTube playlist then you have to upload your video or related videos and get a URL of that video from YouTube and put it in WikPlayer Playlist. Remember: YouTube Video is the best to create Tumblr Music Playlist using WikPlayer or SCM Player.
  4. Now, When you have searched songs to add in your playlist, Just go to WikPlayer’s Website here and Click on Create a New Playlist and add those songs in the Blank URL.
  5. To add more songs to your playlist, Just click on Add more Songs to Playlist button. There will be a delete icon to remove any songs from your playlist if you don’t like it.
  6. sort it down and when you have finished your Playlist, Just press next button to customize options.
  7. Finally Get a WikPlayer Playlist Code and add it on your Tumblr blog.


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