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SCM Music Player Skins

SCM Music Player Skins

SCM Player has shared around 15 Skins to use while here are more than 50 skins which can be add with SCM Player. All SCM Skins are highly customizable. You can add Small, Hybrid Skins too with SCM Player.

SCM Player Skins

SCM Music Player has a option to use Custom Skins with their Music Player. You just need to grab URL of SCM Music Player Skins and paste it on SCM player website. Follow below tips…

  1. First of all, Go and Get SCM Custom Skins.
  2. Grab one of SCM Skin from provided URL.
  3. Now Go to SCM Player Website.
  4. Paste above copied code in Custom player field.
  5. Now configure your playlist and grab the final Music player code.
  6. Done

However, There are other music player skins also available for Tumblr such as WikPlayer Music Player. Hybrid Skins are awesome while WikPlayer Mini Skins also rocking.

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