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SCM Music Player for Tumblr

SCM Music Player for Tumblr

SMC Music Player for your blog free of cost. Now put SCM music player which also known as SMC Player. It has many skins to put on your Tumblr blog. Highly recommended for Tumblr.

SMC Music Player

SCM Music Player

I have tested many Tumblr Music Players on my blog but SMC or SCM whatever, is the best music player.

  1. Installation is easy.
  2. Numerous Skins to install. There are couple of skins available which you can use.
  3. Custom skins supported. You can add your Custom SCM Player Skins.
  4. YouTube video supported. You can use YouTube videos as MP3 songs.
  5. Various options to customize to your SMC Music Player.

You just need to Choose SMC Music Player Skin, Add songs and Generate the Codes to install. Follow below tutorials to get it.

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