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Music Player for Tumblr

Music Player for Tumblr

Custom Music Player Skins are most famous on Tumblr nowadays. You can put Small Tumblr Player at the bottom or on the top of header on your Tumblr blog.

Hybrid Player Custom Skins

If you are searching for cool music player then i will recommend WikPlayer which has customizable skins, good support, easy implement steps. However, Small Music Player is the best choice if you have photography blog on Tumblr.

The second choice is SCM Music Player which is highly customizable and the Music Player base code provider to WikPlayer.

How to Get Music Player Code

You can grab WikPlayer Music Player Custom Skin code very easily. Just follow simple and easy steps…

First of all, Go to this URL and Choose your skin. There will be four options for you to choose. Mini, Full, Custom and Hybrid Player Skin. I would recommend Hybrid Music Player skin. However, You can choose Custom Music Player skins from more than 50 top designs to put on your Tumblr blog.

The second option is to create your playlist. You can choose YouTube Videos as MP3 Songs for your music player. Just put YouTube Video URL and Title of your song to put on your playlist.

Customize your music player skin options. This is the third step which have the options of Auto play, Shuffle and volume.

After configuring all the options, Just press Get Music Player button to grab the HTML code.

How to Put Music Player on Tumblr

You can easily put WikPlayer Skins and Playlist on your Tumblr blog. Tumblings has published a nice article on how to put small music player on Tumblr which help you lot to get music on your Tumblr blog.

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